Spatial places offer a professional design and fabrication services for our industrial clients.

Working from client drawings or providing our own service, we fabricate, fit out and finish housings for a range of industrial uses. Our in-house welding, engineers, electrical and paint shops provide you with the best possible solution.

Our quality is outstanding and we do provide structural and fabrication certification if required. Click here to contact us

container engine housing

Industrial solutions include:-

Switch-room Housing

Boiler Housing
Pump Houses
Dry Fuel Storage,
Control Rooms and REBs             
Switch Rooms and Fire Suppression Systems,
Generator Housings, Noise Attenuators and Battery Storage     
Solar Panel Housings, Portable Buildings, Transformer Bunds and Workshops,
Chemical Stores and Paint Stores                 
Cable Jointing Canopies
Gas Bottle Stores and Site Cabins

More Solutions